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Here is the concept of the Meadow Industries stick on sight blinder

;This was probably one of the first attempts at
blinders. I thought this up with only about 10
minutes of thought on the subject back about
50 years ago. It is probably the most obvious
blinder you can come up with. I know many more
than me were able to come up with this idea,
because I have seen a number of them for sale
commercially. Here is a picture of the fence.

The theory here is that the "off eye" cannot see
the bead, and by blocking the bead from the
master eye, you can let the other eye control
the aiming. The theory is good, but in actual
practice this is a really sorry solution. The
problem with it is this. Your actual sight
picture that the brain uses is a lot more than
just the bead. Your brain knows that the bead is
just part of what you are pointing. In fact you
are pointing a receiver, barrel, and vent rib,
in addition to the bead. All of this is sight
picture. The fence only stops your "off eye" from
seeing the bead. The "off eye" can still see the
rib and barrel, which actually makes up more of
the sight picture than the bead does.;

Considering the above how this fence can stop crossfiring?


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This is the premise of this thread
:Are there any "two eyed shooters" on here that use a crossfire eliminator. ;
I put up the concept of the sight blinder.
Once HAH 66 brought up the XD Solution(patented) here is its concept.
In case of cross dominance or if you encounter cross firing.
1) Mount the gun on your handedness side
2) Raise your forehand thumb
3) Aim the EMPTY GUN at a still taget. ( door knob, object on a wall)
4) Close the off eye, you will see the aimed object
5)Close the on eye you will see the aimed object as well
6) with the thumb up you will notice that the double barrel image is eliminated.
The XDSolution was build on the above concept

a) the XDSolution preserve the BINOCULAR VISION while shooting a gun from the handedness side.
b) the XDSolution eliminates DOUBLE BARREL VISION.
We keep in touch with people that use the XD and we get valuable feedbacks to improve the product.
Jack is one of them, a high volum shooter, that gave us his observations for which we are very greatful

I like it!
I've shot about 10,000 targets with the new model:
I like the wrench I carry on my keychain. Much better than the old allen wrench.
Made first team All American (Veteran) again this year

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