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I have a great customer service story about this company. I purchased a Crimson Trace grip model for my Kimber Ultra Carry back in 2002. Well the laser dot was no longer crisp and actually looked like to conjoined horizontal dots at 30-50 feet. I got a return number from Kimber and sent the sight back with a note that it was purchased in 2002. Well 10 days later (last week) I received a replacement Crimson Trace grip for the Kimber - NO CHARGE. NOW that's what I call customer service and a GREAT product. Also signed up for the free batteries when I registered the replacement product for their standard 3 year warranty.

Also have a Crimson Trace laser sight on my Ruger LCP, my concealed carry gun when not toting the Kimber.

Ron Schroer
Eloy, AZ
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