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I have so many and almost all include my first dog...One day many years ago when in Jr High I went pheasant hunting near my home with my 1/2 beagle 1/2 blue tick hound. She was the runt of the litter and built like a greyhound and weighed only 20#. My brother totaled out his car (other guy ran a red light) when we went to get her as a pup. My head nearly went thru the windshield and I had a nice knot on my forearm from a knob on the dash (pre-seatbelt era).

A neighbor who worked and lived in Alaska brought home a huge crazy black dog who was out of control. The owner claimed it was 1/2 wolf. He kept it chained to the barn. It would run full speed and do flips when it would run out of chain...over and over until the chain finally broke. The dog was a brute and felt no pain. He'd then patrol the neighborhood pulling a length of chain behind him. It killed a small dog while it was being walked on a leash and I saw another dog escape death by crawling under a car, pissing everywhere as wolf-dog tried to catch it.

So, this one day after school I grabbed a High Standard Supermatic 20ga and some 3", 7 1/2 shot shells (that's all I had) and went out to a favorite field. All was well until all of a sudden I noticed my dog acting strangely in front of me. She laid on her back with her feet in the air. To my left I see wolf-dog running full speed, locked in on my dog like a lion after a warthog. It hit my dog full speed, grabbed her by the neck and shook her, growling like a demon, while my dog screamed and squealed. It all happened so fast. The 20 ga came up quickly. It was a full broadside shot, modified choke. The kill was quick (not even a quiver) and my dog lived to hunt many more days.

Belle was quite a dog. Many, many, many, many memorable stories. She hunted anything and everything, fox, cat, turkey, quail, partridge, raccoon, possum, weasel (once), cottontails, duck, geese, hares, pheasant, snakes, and mice. She was really good at catching mice....if you lifted a board and there were 5-6 mice under it she would catch and eat them in just a few seconds...and day she caught 6 rabbits by herself. She was fast.
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Very cool story and photo. Glad you killed the wolf/dog. He had it coming.

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Friend of mine was drawn in a handicapped hunt and wanted me to sit with him. He had been deer hunting in the past,but never got one and wanted me around for support. I happily agreed, we went the first day early and they set us up in a plywood box with no top. He brought a 1980's Mossberg pump 20ga ,padded bucket full of goodies and I bought 2 huge dog beds from the farm store to lay on to keep out of the way.

30 min of good light pass, small buck steps into the winter wheat patch we over looked. 40yd straight on shot, he missed. DNR volunteer s come out for a CSI exam to look for blood anytime a shot is fired by any member of the party because 1 guy was blasting through deer with a .45 Knight rifle 1 year and didn't think he was hitting them. (Had 3 dead at the end of the day). Any way I tell them,I saw no hair, blood or body language. They check and nothing.

We go back to the blind and sit down. 30-45 min later a doe walks up 15-20 yrs to his left. Let me say my friend is not handicapped like other hunters are, he had some nerve damage in his leg and is very mobile. He misses the deer at 15-20yds. I'm laughing because he got buck fever BAD. DNR staff come, I felt so bad for the guy I Lie and say oh it was a 40-50yd shot he missed. The look around, no blood.

We go back to the blind. 30 min later a doe walks 5yds past the back of the blind. I had to lay flat and put my fingers in my ears for him to shoot. He misses this deer. I could have killed it with the knife we was cutting summer sausage with. Thd Dnr staff comes out laughing, ok you got one this time right? I tell them another big lie,oh it was out there he just missed again.

We go back to the blind, start eating lunch out of the bucket he had. We finish, sitting there quietly chit chatting, here come a big, BIG, I mean BIGG buck.Its a 10pt, about 275 on the hoof. He lifts his gun up. The deer is coming in left to right in front of us. 40-50 yards out. That Mossberg pump starts to rattle clank, and clunk with all the shaking he's doing. I'm behind him listening to this gun about to fall apart from all the shaking going on. He turns back and looks at me and says ",I can't do it. I can't hold still." I scold him and tell him to shoot him!. He turns around and holds his gun up. It starts clanking g again (anyone that knows a Mossberg pump knows what I'm talking about) I can't take it any longer and I blurt out a snicker trying to hold the laughing back. The deer hears me, he's straight out in front of us about 40yds, my buddy shoots.... and misses.

I'm yelling shoot, shoot, shoot him!!! The buck plants all 4 feet and did this crazy jump/leap/space jump backwards from us scarring the crap out of him! He turns and heads for the woods full bore! my buddy stands up pumps another round in the chamber, the deer jumps for the edge of the woods like he just leaped over a bridge onto a ferry leaving town. My buddy shoots again and drills this deer midair right in the pocket quarter away and the deer fell dead as a stone.

I dressed and drug the buck out for him. We shows few guys in the parking lot and got the he'll out of there before they started asking about all the rest he missed.🤣🤣🤣🤣
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