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Cracked 870 stock

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I have recently aquired a very nice [50's] 870TC stock set.
There are a few marks in the wood but there are 2 hairline cracks across
the tang/front reciever face of the stock and on one side the crack can be seen thru the grip checkering on the left side.
Does anybody know of anyone who can fix this or give me any tips on repairing them myself.
I suppose a very small drill bit could be drilled into the crack and a glue/adhesive injected into the crack.
Also how much would it cost to have the crack repaired,checkering chased and the wood refinished?
Thanks for the tips.....

Joe Wasson
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+1 for Rod Stumbo, great guy and he does great work.
You can buy brass screws from Brownells stock repair pin kit (12) 2 1/2 X 3/32 stock repair pins will be as good as new.
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