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Continuing to clear racks for the incoming maple and myrtlewood rifle (and shotgun) blanks coming to Selma in the next few weeks.

Two very nice Bigleaf Maple full rifle blanks with huge dimensions that would also make great 2-piece sets to adorn a shotgun.





Maple blank A is 36 inches long, 8 inches tall at the butt and 2 5/8 inches thick. The vertical fiddleback figure is constant throughout the blank which shows excellent symmetry side-to-side. Big dimensions make this a great candidate for a larger caliber rifle and it would be a perfect host for a tournament shotgun. Priced at $399.00, I'll pack and ship this one for $275.00, reduced to $225.00.





Maple rifle blank D measures 36 inches long, very tall 9 inches tall at the butt and 2 1/2 inches thick. This one is rift sawn (almost flat sawn) and will finish with very dramatic stripe in addition to the wider vertical fiddleback figure. If maple could show marbling, this would be it. Priced at $425.00, I'll pack and ship blank D for $299.00, reduced to $250.00.

If you have to have both, I'll put them in one box and ship them for $525.00, reduced to $460.00. First in by email or PM gets first dibs.

My son and I will be delivering to a client in Ohio March 12. If you are between Oregon and the east coast (AND WHO ISN'T) and would like to touch and feel some blanks, let me know before March 9. We'd be happy to stop and say hello.

Cash, check or money order to me at PO Box 846, Selma, Oregon 97538 or Paypal to [email protected]. Questions and offers to [email protected].

Couple for art lovers to ponder. My daughter Jennifer just celebrated her 50th birthday. While visiting in southern California, she shared some of her "Pour Art" creations with me.


This 24 x 18 inch canvas on frame is titled "Desert Rose".


This one is titled "Rivers of Gold", and is also 18 x 24. Both would make great surprise gifts for the spouses who put up with whatever it is that we do at the range every weekend. Both are priced at $299.00 plus shipping.

Thanks for looking, Mike Mann
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