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Correction: "All" Junior & Sub-junior Category @ 2021 New Jersey State Shoot Program

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Hi Everyone, on page 33 and half way down the page it says "N.J. Juniors & Sub-juniors Fees". I just was on the phone with Jeff Slimm, the President & CEO of Pine Belt Sportsman's Club, and at their Club Meeting tonight, it was agreed to include "ALL" Junior and Sub-junior category shooters in events 7, 8 & 9, not just New Jersey category sub-junior and junior shooters. "Pine Belt will pick up half of the price of targets, plus the usual daily fees on Saturday and Sunday's events"

On page 29 of the same book, the second item from the bottom, NJSTA agrees to charge "shooters who declare Junior & Sub-junior categories get 1/2 price targets, but no options and added money can be played"

So basically Juniors and sub-juniors in events 7, 8, & 9, get their targets and fees paid!

So, please make plans to attend the 124th New Jersey State Shoot, from June 3rd thru the 6th, 2021

Stay Safe.


Joe Sissano
N.J. ATA Delegate
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The kids and I planning on head down for the shoot Friday to Sunday. With work, getting there Thursday isn't going to work. Anyone have any recommendations for places to stay in the area. No need for 4 star accommodations but hoping to avoid the Bate's motel...LOL.
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