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Congrats to the winners at the MT. State Shoot this weekend.

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I just wanted to say congrats to all the winners at the MT. State shoot this weekend. I am sure we will get updated as we go along but I do know that Ciarron O,niel who goes by Skattergun here won HOA and more than likely Handicap Champion.
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Singles Champ was Wayne Fischer, Stated shooting 2 years ago and was the long 199,
Handicap was indeed Ciaran and he won the doubles also, and HOA
Mr Hawley had a pretty good shoot, won so many events, he had to buy a trailer to take home all the awards.
All in all it was a good shoot, most everyone had a good time, and said they would be back next year.
Me and my wife are just plain tired.
Going to take a few days to recoop and then head to the Western Zone in Butte and try and help them out.
Hope to see everyone there.
Rick in MT

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Congrats to all the winners.

Ciarron, great shooting !!!

Sean Hawley is not a only a great shooter but also a great man. He has done much for this Sport. Just not too sure where he is going to put more trophies.

Thanks needs to go out to ALL who worked this shoot. While we were not able to attend this year the staff and team in MT put on a fantastic shoot.

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