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IMy average has dropped and I seem to have lost the pizzaz to shoot. I love guns and hunting but I think I try to hard to do well and I my question is....How do you get your confidence back and bring back to yourself the joy to shoot?

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In your eyes, you are failing and that is causing frustration and stress. As was said above, good scores is not a life and death situation.

You may have changed aspects of your shooting form while dealing with the frustration of declining scores. If you have, it is time to go "back to basics". How correct is your shooting form, your stance, body posture and gun mount? What have you changed as your scores declined? How consistent are the different aspects of your form? Do you do things the same way each time you shoot?

Each lost target is like targets that you have broken many times in the past. The answer to why you missed the last one can have many possible answers. If yo CAN answer that question, you may have identified the cause. If you can't, it is likely that your head moved on the stock, moving your eye along withe it. If this is the case, gun-fit is probably at fault.

You might try this: Say something positive to yourself before calling for each target, something like, "I'll get this one" or "This one is dead" and BELIEVE IT! After all, you have broken targets like the one you will get, many times. Believe that you can do it this time and then go after the target with confidence.

A change of attitude, from fear of failure to aggressively going after targets, it is likely to improve the way you shoot and restore the confidence you have lost (power of positive thinking).

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