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I have been coaching HS for seven years and College for four. We host several competitions a year. Most small (under 50 athletes) a few large (over 300 athletes). We have messed around with different award methods and have settled on 1st - 5th place medals for Varsity, JV, and Intermediate (no separation of genders) for the smaller shoots (15 total medals). For the larger shoots, we still do the 1st - 5th medals for Varsity, JV, Intermediate Entry, Intermediate Advanced, and Rookies, separate men's and ladies awards (gender based) (50 total medals).

We compete in SCTP which divides the athletes into age based categories. We tried squad (and team) based trophies, but they end up with the coaches or the schools and the athletes don't get to enjoy them, so we moved away from that. Typically the top squads/teams where filled with the top individual athletes as well so you were just doubling down to the top performers. I prefer to go deeper (adding 4th and 5th) and get some medals to some of the athletes who may not be the usual recipients.

By giving away nicer medals instead of trophies we are able to keep our costs lower which allows us to keep the entry fees lower as well. We typically charge a $13 entry for a smaller shoot (for a 50 bird competition) and a $15 entry for a larger shoot (again 50 bird competition). This allows us to make a little $ for the team but still be reasonably priced. We also make a little $ on concessions (food and drinks) at the events.

I have been ordering these medals ( for a few years now. I place one bulk order early in the year to get a volume discount. This way I can get them down to around $2.75 a medal. They come with colored rings that tie back to the positions (1st - 5th) that the SCTP system uses. I have NO affiliation with this company. I just find they offer a good product at a fair price and have excellent service and thought I would share. I think they are located somewhere in the Midwest as their delivery to IA is rather quick.

What has worked well for you guys?
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