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The following are results from our March 10th, ATA registered shoot at Pawnee
Singles: Champion: Stacy Bringelson 100
AA Gary Linderman 99;A James Vaughn 99;B Charles Jordan 92
C Erik Woolley 93;D Edwin Smith;Jr. Cory Jones 94;
L Kim Norton 89; Vet Dennis Bringelson 93.

Doubles: Champion: Mike Herman 96
A Don Blech 95;B Robert Craig;C Gary Norton 88

Handicap: Champion: Nick Digesualdo 98
19-20 Dennis Bringelson 95;21-23 Rickey McCann;92
24-26 Adam Rehor 90; 27 Jay Bristol 95

HOA: Mike Herman 287/300

Thank you to all the shooters and we will see you on on April 1st.