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CNN on Gun Control

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The way that this is reported makes me wonder most, I voted yeasterday afternoon in my states primary (IL) a whole 31 people had voted before me. The way I look at it is if you are a gun owner and you get all of your gun owner friends to show up on election day and they get all of there gun owner friends to show up on election day you think we could run the show and block the stupidity.

"But public anger is not usually sustained very long, whereas gun owners remember every gun control vote as a threat to their rights. Gun owners vote the issue. Supporters of gun control typically don't. So politicians believe they will pay a price at the polls if they support new guns laws, even when most voters agree with them. When it comes to public opinion, intensity matters. Not just numbers."

The way that CNN skews the reporting is that GUN CONTROL is a popular stance that a Majority (VOCAL MINORITY) holds. I believe that the urbanization of our country his the biggest threat to shooting, hunting, and fishing. The average american kid who grows up in urban areas and suburbia have no idea how the food gets to market and would be helpless if left stranded in the woods for a day.

Just ranting with no point.


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Tonight on CNN they had a piece on gun control and told how Washington DC has had a ban on hanguns for 50 years and of course has one of if not the highest crime rate in the country. They mentioned the fact that the handgun ban was ruled unconstitutional. I think they said an appeal didn't work either but I'm not sure.

They said that the number of gun control advocates has dropped from something like 80% to 49%.

They also said that there is no evidence of gun control having any effect on crime.

They showed a picture of dead unarmed people laying in the streets of Mexico because the drug cartels have all the guns and don't mind using them.

Lou Dobbs said they should be more concerned with the student suicides, drug use, because of all the deaths.

I for one am glad to see they are bringing up these facts.
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