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Clay Delay

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T2-2M Trap autopuller from Clay Delay
This lets you shoot trap by yourself with no one pulling for you and not having to drag out the cart of canterburys.
It's the wireless model that you clip on your vest/belt and shoot normally with.

Comes with everything you'd get from clay delay as well as a L5-15 plug wired up with extra pigtail (so your buddy can plug his receiver in as well) and a 3 into 1 pig tail so that you can have a whole squad on the same plug.
[edit] Also, the trap field to receiver cord is a standard computer power supply cord that you can get in different lengths for cheap if for some reason you wanted to add a longer cord or wanted to have spares for different field connections.

Everything works great.

Asking $250 shipped to the lower 48.

(will peel the M sticker off before I ship...was on to just make sure I knew which one was mine on the pole).



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