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I am a college student shooting for Iowa State University. I purchased a 32" Citori Crossover last summer and haven't been completely satisfied. I love it for doubles and sporting clays but I don't like the length for five stand and skeet. I shoot a well used BT-99 plus for singles. It's a beautiful gun that I can occasionally shoot well but it has far more sentimental value and it's a gun I want to be able to teach my kids to shoot with down the road.

1. I am looking for a high rib 28" or 30" barrel from an XT or XS. I'd also be open to trading barrels.

2. I'm also looking for a 34" XT unsingle barrel.

3. 2 hole Semi-Beavertail forearm.

4. If there's anyone out there with a 30/34 combo(preferably cynergy or xt, no SKBs) looking to down grade I would be willing to pay up for one
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