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Chokin' on chokes, need some advice........

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My local gunsmith has choked all my shooters using Tru-choke, but I got a new toy in the mail today, thanks Keith, to take to a sporting clays shoot tomorrow. SKB 85TSS with Briley chokes. I'm confused about why a .710 in a TC would be Modified, but .710 in Briley is Full. And the Trap full is tighter yet, at .700.

My TC Improved Cylinder is .725, with the Briley I.C. being .723 and Imp. Mod at .715, kinda just straddling the truchoke specs.

And the sellers were referring to them as .010 through .030 chokes. What's the relation of the two different measurements?
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It all has to do with bore diameter. The nominal 12-gs bore diameter is 0.729 inches, while a skeet choke has a construction of 0.005 inches, so a skeet choke in a nominal 12-ga barrel has a bore diamater of 0.724 (0.729 - 0.005). But many of today's barrels are overborded, that is a bore diameter of greater than the nominal 0.729 in 12-ga. Common overbore diameters variy from 0.735 to 0.742 inches depending on the manufacturer. So if you have a barrel overbore diameter of 0.735, a skeet choke will have a constriction of 0.005 and a "final" bore diamter of 0.730, essentialy a cyclinder (no choke) for a nominal 12-ga barrel.

To clear up your choke dilemia you need to find out the bore diameter or your guns.
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