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As many know----Larry met with the most dreadful fate know to man---The loss of a young child---

Larry had four sons---



Arron and Chris

Matthew is now deceased---

There was a very serious accident in a snow storm where the boys were stopped in line---A very fast moving suv was coming up behind and rear ended the boys car,killing Matthew and serious injured Nicholas and his girlfriend---

Nicholas seems to be O.K. but the girlfriend is still very serious

Arron and Chris were not involved----

Larry and I are very good friends----He is a very special guy---Very humble--

Just a young 44 yr old struggling to raise his family.

His life is based around trap shooting---Hunting and fishing with his boys.

His boys are one less now.

I'm writing this in his behalf----You can imagine the grief he is going through.

The driver of the SUV had no insurance and he now has many bills---

I'm now asking to help with a donation to help Larry--

We donate to many causes but here is a chance to help a family member of needs our help----I hope I'm not out of line asking but I know we all would have gone to the funeral if we were near and with a gift of some kind---That's just who we are----Any amount will help----Send to Larry @

Larry Ranken

335 Parker St



With all my LOVE to Larry------

[email protected]
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2,228 Posts are not out of line by "asking" as a giving spirit is the most prized possesion a human can own. Check will be mailed tomorrow!

Thanks SJB and condolences to you also.

milt (have buried 2 of my 3 sons to date and cherishing the one surviving)

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Helping folks like Larry is what real charity to our friends and neighbors should be about. I challenge all the other dealers to send a check to Larry. I'll leave the amount up to you...but dig deep! My contribution will go out in tomorrow's mail. My prayers for Larry and his family started when I heard about this tragedy and will continue...

Bob Schultz

P.S. Thanks for letting us know of Larry's need, southjblue.

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My check is going tomorrow. I remember when my brother, Robbie, got killed, in 1985, my mother has never gotten over it. It is the hardest thing to do, to bury a child. Our thoughts and prayers are once again sent. Charlie Henderson

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I would hope many more of the posters here would send something out to help this family. I don't know them, and I can't even begin to imagine the pain they are going through, but I want to do what I can to help them with my prayers and with a check.


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Got the check in the envelope will mail in the morning

Thanks for doing this George, I am sure they will need all the support they can get, such a terrible tragedy
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