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SOLD--Before Browning contracted with Miroku to make the Citori line of guns in the mid-70's--Charles Daly (Sloans NYC) offered Field and Target Grade guns made by Miroku. They were in the early vanguard of good quality guns from Japan. This Trap Grade gun is one of them. Originally sold in January 1973, this gun had a few boxes of shells run through it and was put away. I doubt the top barrel was ever used. It resides in the original but somewhat tattered box. This gun is as close to new as you'll find 43 years after the fact. Sort of a time capsule! The finish is 99% all around with a deep rich blue and fine wood finish. The gun is unaltered in ANY way. It's got the much scarcer 32 inch barrels bored IM and F. These guns also featured hand engraving that was quite good. The checkering is sharp and crisp and the gun is stiff and tight when you break it open. These early Miroku guns also had bushed firing pins that could be removed w/o taking off the butt stock and disassembling the action. This is a costly feature. Take a look at the pictures and someone can give this beauty a home of the next 40 years. It will make a fine all around trap gun for a beginning shooter or an experienced one without breaking the bank . $1250 delivered in the lower 48.

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Very nice gun and I believe worth your asking price.
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