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A3224D8C-426E-472E-A854-1F38C4DCFD97.jpeg 990859C1-E6A4-448C-B5B7-05CFFEA9DA30.jpeg 5D3D4D30-35A0-4250-8E9A-93DE2CCF9516.jpeg CD87404F-9B6B-4E04-A01F-A9950D8D2463.jpeg 7F1E76B9-13DB-426F-9728-666816266D40.jpeg CD87404F-9B6B-4E04-A01F-A9950D8D2463.jpeg CEDFB57D-5B30-4021-912D-7A11B2DF917C.jpeg 63CD08E7-B64B-452D-B538-1C99DBCC56ED.jpeg 7325504E-14CF-4010-9554-C5E3E5C06E92.jpeg BF4BC42D-72EB-4FDB-89FA-F765B20079AF.jpeg

I have a beautiful Guerini for sale. The gun has low rounds through it and is as pictured in really great condition. Upgraded wood, choke tubes, original paperwork & case. Buyer pays shipping to your FFL.
I have purchased a three barrel set in the same Magnus grade which is why this one is for sale. No trades at this time, please. PM if you need additional information, thanks for looking. $3950.00 Bob
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