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CCI No.500 Small Pistol Primers

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I was talking to a friend yesterday at the gun club. He is need of small pistol primers for his personal use. I have an extra box of 1000 CCI No. 500, 1000 primers I told him about. He wants to buy them. I was going to give them to him but he said no I want to buy them. What is a reasonable price. Does $20.00 sound good? With all the prices I have looked at I just don't know. This is not a fishing expedition just trying to help a shooting buddy. Okay let the comments commence.

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Right now they are selling for $150- $200. /1000
So You may dislike charging him market rate because you can't replace them for $20 or $38.
You can loan him the primers till he replaces them when they come available again at normal prices. I've done this a few times with friends. Makes for better friendship. Neither one of you are feeling the pinch.

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Yep, for a friend, I'd emphasize they are "extra" for me right now. So take them and replace them with something similar someday. If he feels comfortable replacing them when he can find and buy them for $40, or $50 or $60, let him do it ... you don't need to know what he pays for them.

I just "loaned" 4 different 1lb bottles of pistol powder to a friend so he can enjoy our handloading experimenting this summer. When he's ready, he can buy any of them for what I paid ($25/bottle) and return the others ... each probably missing about $2.50 worth of powder.

How you treat your friends is likely a whole lot different than how you'd treat a stranger.
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