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Cataracts: Anybody Had Fixes?

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Well....for a few years now, I've suspected cataracts. Targets are much more challenging under bright conditions than in overcast...flare from the light..and cataracts cause that, among other things. Reading at night is harder, and all kinds of simple stuff, like setting a sprinkler timer that uses an LCD readout...and reading part numbers for replacement parts on a car new to me when under the lifted car..forget that too!! Those are typical symptoms.

So, I went to the doc, and yes, he recommends the modern surgery/procedures of today. 1.5, 2 hour job max per eye.

Anybody else "been there, done that, and how did it work out?" Night driving has also become of late. Interesting procedure, by the way, the "BAT" test to find out of cataracts are causing a problem. Both eyes need to go under, what is it, the procedure/knife. Dr's, question, is the BAT test like from "blind as a bat"...the doc I saw didn't tell me.

Thanks for any advice/feedback any can offer re. cataract fix and trapshooting/night driving. Almost turning into a ditch instead of a road when going home at night from Redlands Shooting Park finally told me: "enough is enough" is ok to miss a target, but not a road or not too cool to hit a curb!!

Oh, and RSP shooters, did you know that there are still orange groves in the area? I almost ended up exploring one when I made that wrong turn into the dirt.
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Get them removed, best thing you will ever do.
Yep! Get them removed.

Drastic improvement after I had both of mine removed.

Adios, Dirk
Get it done.I had mine taken off I believe in 2005. Unbelieveable results. I can still read the 20/20 line on the chart without glasses, but I do need the cheap reading glasses to read the newspaper. Great to use plano lenses for shooting.

Dave Berlet
Yes, get it done. I had both eyes done 3 years ago and what a difference. I was near sighted all my life and the doc asked if I wanted better distance vision. I went for that and it is great. I do have to use reading glasses for close work but it is worth it to me.
David, pm Gary Bulley ( the unloader) he just finished getting it done. He is a happy camper, even drove himself home

Do an extended search here on There's a thread on cataracts about 3 -4 times per year and one on right now. You'll see that with rare exception (me)surgery is the only way to go and it'll Chango your life!

Good luck,

Thanks, this is encouraging, very encouraging. I knew a shooter years ago that, well, the surgery did nothing for him. But that was over ten years ago.

All else being equal, I bet that cataracts, which make a target appear "glowing", bright, larger, etc. in bright light will make that difficult straight away more difficult. I expect a .25 to 1.0 target improvement per 25 on average, that is from 90 D class average in singles and short yardage to about a high C or low B class...I'll settle for that any day, given that shootng for me is very "now and then"..

Thanks, this ought to be fun, including travel at night where it is also a safety factor.
Helped me considerably, about a 10 min procedure, new lens in right eye, about 20\30 W\O glasses Dr told me before surgery that my right eye was borderline on "lazy eye" and not 100% correctable. Amazing difference had worn glasses since I was 16 now at 72 don't need glasses for much of anything, do sometimes wear them for distance. Still have a little problem with headlight glare at night. Would do it again in a heartbeat. You're going to love it. Ross Puls
Had mine remove and had implants put in same time. Wore glasses since the 8th grade. No need for glasses anymore. Did not affect my shoot. In fact I shoot better. Bill
I had both mine done 18mo. ago with amazing results.

The only negative was nitetime headlite glare.

I just got a pair of shooting glasses with the "medium

gold" tint and they help with the headlite glare also.


I had mine done by these people and are they great.
Two weeks in between each eye. If they say you need Toric lenses
go for Astigmatism, shape of the eye ball itself.
Joe Miller
Had mine done few years ago. Great results. Go with momo vision
lens. May have to wear glasses for reading fine print.

Next question: Did your trap shooting improve? I am sure there are some people with cataracts or less than optimum vision that are very competitive and winning trapshooters. Others, such as I, don't have that kind of talent.

But if talent is average, whatever "average" is, does cataract removal help ones' scores and make target identification more consistent?
Had my first one done this AM. Actual surgery time - 7 minutes. Checking in takes the most time. Eye still dilated some but will clear up soon. Already seeing better.

I wouldn't hesitate to get it done. I had both eyes done in 2003 and it was remarkable being to see color again.

Vince McNamara
Wow, this is great news about how well this surgery goes. I get the left (non-dominant, but stronger) eye measured on Thursday. First eye operation on the 19th. Now I should really be able to see the intact targets as they go to the ground! (Well I hope it is better than that...)

One really neat thing, the Dr. is sympathetic and he is a pistol shooter. So he can, at least, identify with the goal.
Like everyone has said get them done. Surgery is only a few minutes. the extra time is for prep as there are several types of drops they put in them to get you ready. Take someone with you to drive, the dilation solution is industrial strength and they will be dilated for at least two days!!!!Only thing you will see or notice during the surgery is the brightest light you have ever looked at!!! I had the plain lenses done in both eyes this past December and nothing for astigmatism. Costs a good bit more for the fancy lenses so I opted for
what my insurance pays for. I am 67 and have worn glasses since about 25 years old so no big damn deal to keep wearing them at all. Stopped for lunch and a beer or two after the first and for breakfast after the second one. Had a driver both times and was glad because the hellacious dark sunglasses they gave me made it hard to see the traffic lights.It was bright and sunny for the first one and bright and snowy for the second, gave me a headache if i did not wear the dark glasses for the ride home. Don't be a hero and drive yourself it ain't worth it at all. Of course I had a lot of heavy traffic and 25 miles one way to the surgery center. Medicare pays for your replacement glasses 'one pair' after cataract ssurgery also. Like others have said it is usually two weeks between surgreies.Hint!! Make a little chart to keep track of your drops as there will three different ones and you have to allow a little time between them. Funny thing after the right one was done and I started on the drops for the second one I caught myself starting to put the drops into the rt eye instead of the left eye!!!! One of the drops is used until the bottle is empty and that runs you right up to about the time for the second eye. Bill
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Had both eyes done last summer it was great, right eye first day after surgery 20/20. She ( doc) was amazed normal wait time for a second eye is a month she did mine the next week. Best thing I could have done, I wear cheaters for reading but other than that good to go targest are clear in any kind of light!
Had mine done but it didn't help my scores.
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