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I just bought a CG Summit Trap Combo, I do not like the RED case it comes in (its cheap for sure) and I went and bought a new Negrini Combo case 1653LR
The quality is defiantly better than the CG factory issue case.
But after about 3 weeks shooting (about 3 times a week) I learning not to like the take down and reassemble of the gun when I arrive and when I leave? Seems like more risk of nicking or scratching. So now I looking at a Long hard case so I can fit O/U barrel and gun is same long case, so not needing to disassemble except on Sunday and cleaning once a week.
Has anyone have a Pelican iM3410 Storm Long Case or or Vault Pelican V800? Not sure how barrel and gun would fit. Any one have any experience with this case or maybe some other alternative?
Thanks in advance rbdjr
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