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Canterbury Easy Test - Rocky Mountain Clay

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Stumbled across this device to test open and shorted 2-pin and 3-pin Canterbury cables.

Jim Rodgers at Rocky Mountain Clay has this test rig for checking the 2 pin and 3 pin cables for short and open circuits. Comes with 2 each 2-pin and 2 each 3-pin shorting plugs. One set of plugs tests the device to see if the LED light works. The selected cable is then plugged in. If the light illuminates the cable is shorted. If the LED does not come on install the second shorting plug. If the LED comes on this indicates that the cable has a (good) complete circuit.

Though not stated in How to use the easy test if you alligator clip a multimeter to the pins of Hubbell mini plug that goes to the trap machine you can use the 3-pin shorting plug to operate the power relay box to see if there is resistance buildup of the relay contacts or failure of the relay to operate.

How to use the Easy Test Canterbury Voice Release Systems for trap and skeet shooting.

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