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Ya gotta oheck out Canterbury's web site (Google it) and check this outfit out! It should be a hoot and much cheaper than a full blown bunker. I want one......we can have an event; on Monday's, Wednesday's and Fridays. For those of you who work during the week, we can shoot it on Saturday's and Sunday's. Tuesday's will be reserved for practice and old fart's day. Buy me one now, or send your donations to me, cash only dagnabit!! Ok, just talk it up, maybe it would happen (in the west)....or could happen, or should happen or may happen somewhere. All this stuff comes along too late in life. G'rrrrrr.

I guess this will come in at about $20k. What a deal!!! Best to all...........

Ernie in AZ
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Ok, whoops..ya gotta check out; look under trap machines for "auto trench". Sorry for the misdirection.....still new a this chit. G'rr.

Ernie in Az
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