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I know all of mine so I'll go order.

1. Mossberg 500
2. Old school BT99 with Moneymaker rib, crusher.

Insert a 20 year hiatus from the sport...buddy called and said it's time to try again so it all started over in 2016.

3. Stoeger Condor Comp. Yuk. Only gun that has ever made me mad just to look at it. Also have a scar on my left hand from when it bit me. More/less gave it away just to get it out of the house.
4, 5, 6 & 7. Tristar TT15 X 4. 2 combos, unsingle only, Deluxe combo, say what you will but this is a special gun, in many ways. Jus might gemme 'nutherin fer fun.
8. Browning 725 Target crusher supreme.
9. Alfermann #263 Ferrari. Couldn't handle it. Crashed and burned.
10. Ljutic Centennial SN 001 and if anybody knows where this gun is, I'll buy it back...just sayin'
11. Kreighoff KX6 Special Awesome gun, just not my flavor.
12. Zoli Z trap combo, wanted it to be the one but alas...may get another someday.
13. Caeser Guerini Summit Combo, My Italian TriStar. Has taken me to A class singles. Favorite so far.
14. Fabarm Axis RS12 combo, fun gun - feels good but whipy.
15. New GU 725 Adj Combo. This. Gun. Feels. GOOD! Throwing down and going full tilt now that state shoot is over. To be continued.......
16. ??? Would like to put a few thousand through a Kolar MaxTA. No desire whatsoever for a P or the other B brand.

Your turn.

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Field model 1100.
Field model 870. (x2)
Field model 101.
Tactical Magnum 870 (with 28" RemChoke bbl.) \
1100 Competition Synthetic
Ljutic Handicap Ltd.
870 TB
Ithaca 4E SBT.
First 3 were when I was younger, the rest in the last 5 years.

Still own the 1100 Competition, Ljutic, 870 TB, and Ithaca 4E.
Traded the 870 Tactical Mag. toward the 1100, sold the 101 for double what I bought it for, (needed work when I bought it), the 870 I bought right after I turned 18 was stolen, bought another, the first 1100 was my Dad's spare duck gun. When I bought that first 870, he gave it to my sister. She still has it.

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Mossberg 500 30" full choke
1976 BT99
1972 Broadway, bought new in 1977,still shoot in now
1972 Broadway, bought as a back-up gun, never needed it
1974 Broadway Midas grade, NIB safe queen
ITHACA/SKB 700 trap, wanted to try 30" barrels for doubles
Still have all of them, started in 1975.

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Perazzi TMS/Browning Recoilless
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Remingtion 1100 Tournament
Winchester Model 12 Trap x 4
Winchester 101 Single
Browning Superposed Lightning Broadway
Browning Superposed Broadway JMB 50th Commerative
Browning Citori Plus
Browning Citori Plus Combo
Nikko Sterling(hybrid 101-citori mix)
Browning Citori XT x 3
Browning Citori XT Gold
Rizzini Fierce 1
Beretta 687 Silver Pigeon 3 JEG Combo
Remington 3200
Perazzi MX8 Type 3
Perazzi TMS

Currently I have a Perazzi TMS for singles/caps and a Browning XT for doubles/back-up gun.

Here is a pic from TMS, XT and my wifes BT-99 Micro
Wood Grass Line Gas Garden tool

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I have recently gotten over a buying/selling shotguns addiction. Have no clue how many guns I have sold. Now I have
KS5 Special love it and shoot it well
Browning XT w/30"barrels
Browning Special Sporting Clays
Browning Universal High Post

All the above guns are used almost exclusively for trap and are set for the same poi. All have adjustable combs. I should probably sell all except for the K gun. I scored better when I was shooting one gun.

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Since I’m bored I’ll play,
BT-99 two barrel set
K-80 34/30” combo with ‘Broadway rib’
K-80 32/30” combo
Still have the Krieghoff’s, the K-80s are both logo receivers.

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in no particular order

4-5 Different Tm1's
Tm1 Special
A Ljutic 73
4-5 different Ljutic Mono guns
Remington 1100 trap
2 Different Bt 99 Plus guns
a two barrel bt 99 set with eubanks ribs (should have never sold this one)
Remington 90T
Silver Seitz
Perazzi Mx10RS
Perazzi DB-81 combo (another one i shouldnt have sold and wish i could find)
probably missing a few

Current projects:
Have a Tmx with a barrel that hasnt been messed with, just got it completely rebuilt and reblued and having a Stock lock made for it. Should be one of the finer examples of a TMX once its done.

I have a Mono gun i shoot very well, i broke the stock on it this winter and have been playing musical stocks since then. Just picked up a used stock lock for it that matches one of my forends very well. Need to take it to Pat and have him adjust it correctly as i cant seem to get it to stay locked.

and a Browning Citori: Going to upgrade this one once im done with the two projects above

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Started in 1973. Model 12
Remington 1100
Charles Daly single Barrel Trap
Charles Daly Superior Grade O/U
Browning BT 99
Ithaca Century Trap
Remington 3200 O/U
Lujtic Centennial Pro
Lujtic ARS Mono Gun
Another Remington 3200
Browning BT 100
Browning XT
Browning Crossover
Browning BT 99 80/20 Guns Unlimited
Beretta A 400 Multi Target
Currently shooting the old Model 12 and my Multi Target

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H & R. 30” single barrel
Winchester 1200 field grade still have
SKB 585 30” o/u 2002-2009
Remington 3200 30” 2003-2012
BT 100 34” 2005-2008
Bt99 34” 2007-2010
SKB 600 30” o/u 2007-2008
Citori type 1 30” o/u 2007-2009
Beretta 682 Greystone 32” 2008- present
Krieghoff 32 32”. 2009-present
Ljutic Mono. 2009-2011
Charles Daly 32” top single 2009-2012
Beretta 391 32” 2001-2014
Mosberg 500 AHT 2012-2013
Perazzi Comp1 32” O/u wide rib 2013-2015
Browning Broadway 32” 2013-2015
Remington 870 TC 2014-2016
Caesar Guerini Summit Impact 2015-2018
Marocchi Conquista 2018-2019
Perazzi Comp1 30” o/u 2019- present
Winchester 101 3 barrel set 2021-present

I was surprised when I went looking of what I have shot.
Master of none.

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1- nikko 5000 over and under. Loved that gun.
2- tri star tt-15 combo
3- bt99 80/20 guns unlimited
4- Berreta 686 combo junk thanks to the seller not telling me the over and under poi was way off he knows who he is.
5- Fabarm axis rs12 unsingle. Currently shooting this and I like it.

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Wow...where to begin, can't be that many.... I've only been shooting trap for 2.5 years .... let me see what I can remember..

from my 1st to my last..

Berretta 301
Franchi 12 something semi
Benelli Super sport 12ga
Citori O\U
Bt99 plus
BT99 Golden Clays
Bt100 SS
725 combo
Citori CXT
Citori CXS
Fab Arms RS12 combo
BT99 Max
Citori XT sport
Citori CXS
Citori skeet 28ga
Citori CX 20ga

Now I am sure there was a few more in between.. but I sure have been having fun, not sure if I fit into the Addict classification.. but I think I may have a little problem ... but at least I don't drink! As for what I have today... I sold most all of these guns to lots of friend at the field and I believe they are all pretty happy about my addiction..
this is my keeper list ... at least for now.
BT99 Max
725 Combo
Citori CX
Citori CXS
Citori Skeet 28ga
Benelli Super Sport
Berretta 301
and a few more.. Pheeeeew
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