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Camped at Sparta Tuesday Nite

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Was working in Southern Illinois on Tuesday, calling on accounts. After stopping by to see Stu Wright in Pinkneyville around 4:30 I asked him if the campgrounds were open at the WSRC. He called someone named Chris who oversees the complex and he invited me to camp there. Drove in and parked and never saw a sole after that. The place really looks good. With all the rain, things are really growing in. Not a lick of trash anywhere. Neat as a pin! Wednesday morning was a beehive of activity as I drove out. City workers were there flushing and clorinating water lines. Saw several other utility workers in various areas. Didn't drive up on the east trap line to see if they had done anything on the proposed trolly drive between the trap line and the parking area. I was 10 miles down the road when I thought about it. Anyways, Stu told me they have 7 major shoots scheduled there for this year. Just an update. Thanks WSRC for the comp on the camping spot. I appreciate it very much.