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California State Shoot

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The numbers are down this year. Not many shooters compared to past years. I guess it is all of the previously discussed issues since 2020. It is sad.

Ridgecrest, CA
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Welcome to trap Shooter. We had anticipated shells being a problem. The junior shooters have a problem beforehand and it looks like they bought out the distributor that did his best to get as many shells he could get.
Homer does his very best to supply the California state shoot.
Times are bad and I am thankful I saw this problem coming. I reload and have a small stash of AA I shoot.
This could lower other shooter at large and smaller tournaments.
All we can do is look to the future and learn from the past.
Soon as I get all my stiches out I will be at every shoot I can find in California and some other states.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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