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Caesar Guerini Summit

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Hello all… so I have 3 CGs and feel like someone should be shooting the ones I don’t use!

Caesar Guerini Summit Trap Combo - $4000 unsingle or $6000 combo
34” Unsingle
30” double barrel
R.A.D recoil system
LOP 15.25 but adjustable trigger and rad system
M, IM, F

While in use, this gun received “pit stops” at the Grand each year.

Luggage and bags Musical instrument accessory Bag Wood Material property
Automotive tire Machine Sleeve Toy Engineering
Rectangle Wood Automotive exterior Font Revolver
Wood Trigger Air gun Revolver Rectangle
Automotive tire Camera lens Camera accessory Bumper Bicycle part

More info and pictures upon request

Chad Gerloff
ATA 0619899
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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