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Bunker traps- anyone installed a LaPorte set up?

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Hi guys,

We are looking at installing a new bunker layout and the traps we are looking at are LaPorte-(as used at London Olympics), Matterelli, Bowman and Canterbury trap machines.

We have had good feedback about LaPorte, but have you guys had any experience with these or the other brands mentioned?

Matterelli have a great reputation but cost a lot more.

What brands of bunker traps are you guys using and what are the good and bad points?
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Actually spoke at length with Vincent Hancock on that subject over the weekend and he said that Rio 2016 will also use LaPorte Traps and that would be his choice if he was building an international layout.

I disagree. The Laportes at Kerrville Texas have been less that stellar performers whereas the NASTA traps at Colorado Springs and elsewhere have given outstanding performance. The NASTA traps are all mechanical and don't have the electronics to screw up that others like Laporte and Matarelli. Laportes are high maintenance. You can do better.

One more thing.... We had a pair of LaPorte Skeet machines. We replaced them with Nasta's. So happy the LeCraps are gone.

We have 21 Nasta Traps at Gator Skeet and Trap. We are in our 6th year with them. Replaced 2 motors. 6 or 7 rubber rails.... Thats all.

What Tom said. I have EXTENSIVE experience (more than I ever wanted) repairing La Pukes. They are parts and service hogs.

With all respect to Vincent, he will be shooting targets, not struggling to keep those horrid machines throwing them.
We got a great price on a Matterelli layout, actually cheaper than LaPorte.

I'm thinking they are a much better option, especially having the left hand traps. Has anyone had good/ bad experience with these traps?
You are better off with Matarelli but I am not sold on the Left Hand Traps. They had them in Atlanta and the would throw a bird way wide of the mark. what controller are you getting Electro Progretti or Elpa?


Thank god you avoided the LeCraps... Dis you get a quote from Nasta?
I would think a left hand trap has the possibility of requiring different parts than the other 14.
All 5 stations have one right and one left handed machine. And I agree w/ Tom that the targets at Atlanta came out very wide. I have not noticed this at Tucson. There is something counter intuitive about the way they are to be installed and anyone using them should check carefully with Matarelli to see which goes either side of center. Also, I understand they are set at the lower end of the c-c distance allowance.

Pats or nothing... I'm joking I don't know anything about bunker.
I have been told different PuffTarget- Out of 15 traps in a bunker layout matterelli supply 11 right and 4 left hand traps.
One left hand for lanes 1,2,4 and 5.

Lane 3 has 3 right hand traps so that when double trap is thrown, the targets are perfectly equal apart. If there was a lefty in there it would make one pair closer together than the other.

Apparently this is how Matterelli are set up worldwide.

There is no nasta dealer in Australia.
You Ned to contact NASTA direct. No dealer means less money.

No dealer= nightmare to get service and spares for it !
we are looking to buy nasta traps for our club at renton if our grant comes through. we have serena hand sets now a club in hilsboro oregon has them no problems they come with spares ted
Spares are not a problem. There is no NASTA dealer in the US. Spares are not problem. No electronics to screw up.

You are probably right. I hadn't considered doubles. I think I would choose Mararelli over Nasta for support availability though the Nastas at Co.Springs just keep chugging. The latest Materellis seem to use an elevator rather than bending the plate when dropping a target. And frankly, I would use all right handed machines.

If you have not aleady bought LaPorte,see what the Italians use, particularly at Lonato. Purely because the Italians are the Olypmic Trap shooters to emulate. SteveB
My pont is that you are at the end of the earth for almost any trap supplier so you need a simple robust design that requires mimimum service and parts. That Trap is Nasta. The ones at Colorado Springs have been in service 10+ years without any major down time. The things work. They don't have micro switches and electronic boards to burn out.

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