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Wow! Just saw the weather for Sunday. Going to be 28 degrees and sunny! Should be a great turn out and some good scores. I will look for the scores on the internet Sunday evening.

Better put a camera and snowball microphone on the corner of the building to prevent collusion between certain individuals! Good news! My horseshoe has been discovered! I will have it on the 25th! Stay warm and shoot straight!

Glad we are not flying Sunday, Sally is like a caged animal when she is not shooting, that would be a bad scene on a plane! Probably be forced to land in some strange Canadian airport and have to answer all kinds of nasty questions. Starting with : Have you ever watched Dudly Do right! What was the inspectors daughter name? Your not from Canada are you? Oh. help! Who is Red Green? Where do cedar shingles come from? Why does the US ban our Beef? Why is Obama in power in your country? Hope the answers are multiple choice! Always choose C? Hate tests!
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Do you mean Stocking hat, fries and gravey and Graham cracker, coconut chocolate bars and a 24 pack of Kokano beer? Cheap beer sold to underage college kids across in the neighboring province so as to get a cheap buzz? That stuff. Guessing chin wag is conversation and chesterfield is probably the couch?

Could probably stomach that? No kolachkies? Kringles,Commercials or sliders?

Careful with that Canadian talk. I will have to tickle the definitions out of you!
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