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Good Morning Trap Shooters, especially all you MINNEOSTA TRAP SHOOTERS.

I am sitting having my bacon,eggs,toast and fresh coffee this beatifull morning and got to wondering about this past weeks events.

One week ago today, was bombarded with e-mails about the BUFFALO GUN CLUB / DFL TRAP SHOOT. to be held at the Buffalo Gun Club, Prsident Walter Shelstad told us that this was a FINANCIAL DECISION and BGC got $2,000.00 from the Minneota DFL allowing the DFL to hold this Trap Shoot at the BUFFALO GUN CLUB on Sept. 25, 2010.


Buffalo Gun Club, President Wally Shelstad, would it not be a Grand Idea for the Buffalo Gun Club to donate the $2,000.00 to the Minnesota Youth Shooting program. You,the Buffalo Gun Club folks are always asking "What Will this do for the GOOD OF Minnesota Trap Shooting". DONATE the $2,000.00 to the Minneosta Trap Shooting Youth Fund would be splendid idea and wecome by all.
I really do not understand why it has taken me a week to come up with this idea,I would have thought that MTA Sec. Sally Stevens or BGC Board of Director
John Farrell would have thought of this.


MTA SEC. Sally Stevens and/or BGC BOD John Ferrel as I believe you two trap
shooters were instrumental in conducting this DFL Trap Shoot. Please provide
your fellow Trap Shooters with some updateD information.

1. How many people attended this DFL Trap Shoot.
2. How many were adults, teanagers. I do not think were we need to know if they
were male or female, height or weight etc. etc. But, if you have it, it might be interesting.
3. How many were voting age, any ideas on what they thought of trap shooting, what did they think of the DFL political candidates.etc. etc.
4. What were some of the trap shooters scores, did they enjoy the event, were they happy about it, did they get good birds, etc. etc.
5. Also, What DFL Candidate showed up. Did Mark Dayton or Tarryl Clark show
up. What other DFL candidates who showed up and what office were they running for.
6. Tickes were either $30.00 or $40.00, What did the New person to Trap
Shooting get for their money. Your flyer says $40.00 includes lunch, did they also get any shells and how many rounds of trap did they get shoot for their money.
7. What kind of lunch did you serve the prospective trap shooters or voters. was it Ham and cheese, hot beef, or just lots of DFL BULLSHIT

8. LASTLY: How much money $$$ did the DFL raise from this 2nd Annual Buffalo Gun Club Trap Shoot. Was a cost effective event for the DFL and will it be held again in the future.

I think these are questions all Minnesota Trap Shooters would be happy to know
so they can make the Best Possible Choices and Decisions in the future for the
Good of TrapShooting in the State of Minnesota.

Please let us know ASP.

Thank you,

Lew D. Boyko ATA Member and Buffalo Club Member.

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I attended the NTD shoot at Buffalo on Sunday and it was well attended - a dozen or so squads for singles, fewer for the other events. Everyone seemed to be having a good time shooting the perfectly-set XXL ("E mold") White Flyers.

I personally was relieved that the previous users had cleaned up all evidence of the human sacrifices so many here posted that they would engage in; the ashes left after the traditional ceremonial burning of taxpayers' money had been swept up, and the Obama idols had been discretely packed away for another year.

I think it would be a grand idea for anyone who wants to, and particularly anyone who urges others to do so, to donate cash to the MTA youth fund, or the Minnesota youth chain shoot, or any of the various ATA funds that catches his or her eye.

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