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How do you tighten a loose forend on a bt99 ? When it’s installed on the gun it has a little wiggle and not quite tight. Thanks
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T he slot that the bbl lug fits into is worn. Simply corrected by a thin piece of copper to take up the space. Then use wheel bearing grease on the radius between the iron and the receiver. Done it, and it works. Sounds laborious, but clean your gun at home, affix the copper (wire works), grease the parts and slip the gun into a long case. After shooting wipe the gun down and slip it back into the case. Repeat every 3rd or 4th time you use the gun.

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I have seen the wood swell to where it will not latch and shrink to where it is scary loose.
Make sure the screws are tight if they are tight go to the front of the forend and using card stock see how much space needs to be filled to tighten the forearm to the barrel. A simple fix is a thick vinyl tape. If it is shrinkage it will also swell tape is a quick fix that can easily be adjusted for either.

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