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BT-99 Barrel POI differences

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I see references made from time to time regarding POI variances on Bt-99 barrels...apparently distinguishable by the Alphabetical letters in the serial number. PM, PR or something similar.

Could someone please tell what the significance of these letters is, in regard to POI? I am searching for a 34" BT-99 barrel...and want to get one that shoots about like my present 32" barrel....which is a (PR, 1987 year)with screw in chokes.

Thanks...Stan M.
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Stan, I believe but am sure someone will correct me if wrong but the older RR,RT,RN guns were the high shooters. If you simply want a longer barrel and shoot like your current 32 in. Why not just go to a ling extended chohe tube to give you that additional length? Just a thought. Good luck, Tim
Stan. I believe all bbls produced after 1980 are the same as your 87. The only high shooting bbls were produced in late 76 with a 77 "RR" code. 77 was 100% following the trend at the time. Browning sold lots of them but guys could not shoot them and asked for replacements and some recieved new bbls. In 78 they produced a 80-20 bbl "RP" and it shot OK. but still had complaints. In 79 they produce a 70-30 "RN" and then in 80 went back to the tried and true 60/40.

Note that I may be a bit off, but mostly this is correct. Anyone feel free to criticize. And correct me.

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Thank you Gents...

I didn't have clue exactly what...but knew there was a difference there somewhere.

Many thanks...Stan
Any one have a specimen to measure the rib height on these supposed "high shooters?" 2004 model 5/32 at front
A 1976 feature article in American Shotgunner Magazine claimed that the then new BT-99 Competition Model (serial RR RT) was designed to shoot 10" high at 40 yards. It should not be rocket science to figure out the slope on the rib needed to get that POI.
Here's an RR model, 2 barrel, 34 inch. Rib height at breech = 0.440. Top of rib at muzzle =
0.175 inch. I think it shoots approximately 9 inches high with the beads stacked.

Bob K.
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I have a 32" straight stock gun that shoots an honest 75% that was a 1982 production, those older BTs..If I remember later I'll dig it out and measure it for comparison
I've got a 32" 2007 Shot Show Special that shoots 9" high at 35 yards. The rib measures from .400" down to 0.150".


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Thanks for the numbers Bob.
Yours is apx .046 higher at the rear since your front end is higher.

wayneo, Your's would be .031 higher at the rear than mine.

That isn't much difference in these guns.
Mette 56, short answer is no. Long answer, check your PM's.
MIA, I have never seen such a detailed explanation of the high shooting BT-99's and appreciate you sharing with everyone. Do you know why some end in 149 and others with 199?

I have a "RP" and a "RR" both with 34" Full Choke, Monte Carlo Stock and the Competition Forearm. They both measure the same as to rib height, when measured with a precision scale from the top of the barrel at both ends. The highest point at the rear of the rib is 7/16" (.437) and at the muzzle 5/32" (.157) with both ribs being 31 7/16" long plus the ramp section. I can see no difference in the pattern height, when I've patterned them, as they both shoot 100% high.

I bought the "RP" new in 2/1978 as a single barrel only and the "RR" used on this site with only one 34" barrel. All the numbers match, receiver, barrel, forend iron and wood, butt stock wood and long steel trigger guards for each one.

I have owned as many as 4 BT-99's at the same time and found none of the barrels would interchange with each other. Something to be aware of if buying a barrel only hoping it fits. The odds are it won't in my opinion. Duane
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Duane, You get 100% with a Figure 8 at 40yds? That would be almost twice as high as mine with only a 1/16" higher rib.
It's my understanding the 149 is a beaver tail forearm, and the 199 was the competition forearm. the 299, 399, and C99 might be different grades, Golden Clays, or Pigeons.

Guys the Browning RR & RT are the high shooting Brownings, I have never heard about a RP nor have I seen any specs on it.

The RR & RT Brownings are highly sought after.

Gary Bryant
two years ago I bought a new golden clays bt-99. It shot 11 inches high at 35 yards.Bill
My wife's RN499 Pigeon shoots 100% high per Wenig's laser.

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