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BT 99 AR

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Hello all, I decided a few weeks ago going through the process of a custom stock or hoping a PFS would work wasn’t worth it. For a while now I’ve been trying to get my O/U to work for me instead of working against me. Thanks to Gipson Quality Firearms in Sparta Illinois, I’m the proud owner of a 32” BT99 AR. I’ve owned a 34” before but was convinced I needed an O/U. Now I know, if it’s singles or caps, I’m sticking with a BT. Some day I will get a doubles gun but I’ll know ahead of time it’ll be much more of an investment than an off the shelf BB gun.

I finished league night this week with a 47. Haven’t seen those numbers in over a year. If anyone out there is hesitant about the BT99 AR models, don’t be. The fact you can have a 60%-90% gun with the same sight picture for under $2500. It’s well worth the price.
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Another great gun by Browning... I had one of the older BT99ARs... loved it, but had a chance for a smoking deal for a new BT 99 Max, basically a fancy 99AR.. so I sold it to a friend who had been nagging me for it. I can shoot it as good as my 725 unsingle.. makes for a great back up.... as well as my number 1 sometimes. I find when I get a little out of sorts, I pick it up and find my mojo real quick.

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And by they way ... I have the PFS stock on both of them ... love those stocks too.. Goes great with Brownings. That way, I save the wood stock like new condition .... in case I sell it ... makes for better sales value
Good idea, I have a Gracoil LOP adjuster and recoil reducer I considered putting on it. With it as short as it’ll go I’ll gain about 3/8 LOP vs factory. It’s a touch short as it stands, plus the bonus recoil reduction. Tom Larkin will be at the Illinois state shoot, think I might stop in to see him.
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