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As well as the other 40 posters here.
Yes, so far there is NO positive opinions towards the
Franchi. Why is that? Comical actually!
I know MG... I was poking the bear. It’s all good. Like I said in my first post I would choose the Franchi for hunting or Sporting. And the sporting could go either way as far as feel and finances. But for a trap gun I’d go with a Browning given the 2 choices.

I just know from my personal experience that my Franchi guns have held up perfectly. But I’m sure others haven’t. Franchi also doesn’t currently make “trap” guns, so I’m sure many here wouldn’t shoot them. They are more of a hunting minded firearm with one Sporting O/U. If you head to a hunting forum you’ll find a lot of people shooting their Affinity model and not having a single issue with it. I own one with thousands of rounds through it and it flat out shoots. They just aren’t a clays minded company.

You could also talk about a Benelli SBE2 here and many people don’t shoot it because it’s not a clays gun or because of what Benelli did to Tom Knapp. Head on over to a duck hunting forum and the SBE2 is near the top of the heap and most don’t know who Tom Knapp is. If this were a question about Benelli or Browning I would say the same as the Franchi or Browning debate. Franchi has made a solid product for me.

I’d be interested to see how their Instinct Sporting holds up to 10,000 rounds. I’m not saying it would but I can’t say it wouldn’t either. A Browning gun 99% of the time would unless you got a bad one, but most of their guns would. I just hate when people say that a Franchi won’t like it’s a fact when they don’t know because they haven’t had actual experience with it not holding up.

Maybe I’ll pick one up and see how it does. Granted with work, 3 kids, and a wife, 10,000 rounds at sporting clays might take me a little while.

To the OP, enjoy your Browning, it should last a long time! And Happy Shooting!!

And to MG, I respect your debate. Thanks
41 - 50 of 50 Posts