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This popular shotgun made in every caliber and countless configurations is simply a workhorse. Because they are such a strong shotgun, necessary service is often overlooked. A worn top lever spring allows movement between the locking bolt and the barrels and will result in a worn out locking bolt. A strong spring keeps everything tight throughout the recoil sequence and protects the locking bolt/barrel engaging surfaces.
Weak hammer springs rob you of lock time and will lead to poor ignition and misfires. The Citori in noted for poor primmer strikes on the bottom barrel even with a new factory hammer spring. With the advent of harder primers, this results in misfires, lost concentration and a score card that is not what it should be.
We have addressed these two problems with an improved top lever spring made from chrome silicone wire and increased 10% in power. It locks the shotgun up tight and keeps performing long after a music wire factory spring is worn out.
Our improved strength hammer springs are also made of the highest quality chrome silicone wire and not only decrease lock time, but give a very positive primmer strike.
Click on the link below to read more about these tune-up kits and how they can have your favorite Citori running like new. We have a kit for any Citori for a great price.

J&P Custom Products, LLC | Gun Springs Manufacturing
1 - 20 of 107 Posts