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Browning Cynergy or Citori for Trap

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I have been shooting Trap with an old Browning A5 and love it! I need to purchase a true trap gun though and would like to stay in the Browning family. I poked around Browning's website and it looks like it woudl come down to a Citori or Cynergy. any thoughts? I'd like to purchase a trap gun that would maintain its quality for decades (the A5 I have dates to the '40s).

Any considerations (barrel length, adjustable comb, etc).
One of my concerns though is that I woudl spend more time trying to "dial in" a shotgun with a number of options or movign pieces compared to one that was more or less ready to go out of the box.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

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I shoot an XT and love it. My best buddy has the Cynergy Classic combo and we both love that one. Were I you, I would stay away from the original Cynergy,(and the original Citori, for that matter!) You can't go wrong with either of the above. Seer which you like the best and which you want to spend the money for. (You can buy an XT for 1800-2000 whereas the Cynergy Classic combo will run you about 3500.) Martinpicker
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