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Browning Citori Plus Recoil Reducer-Need Ifo??

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Hello Forum Members,
I need to know if any of you out there have ever disasembled a Browning Citori Plus O/U Recoil Reducer? They are the same as the BT99 Plus.
Mine was built in 1991 and it's my favorite doubles gun. Has adjustable rib and a adjustable stock for LOP and cast off, etc.
Unfortunately mine got involved in a moving van fire and the "Recoil Reducer" is somewhat gummed up, but fully operational. Have soaked it in "Kroil" and it works great!
But now as a ATA Vet I thought I'd take it apart and apply grease as it came from the factory. Of course Browning doesn't tell us how to do this.
Because it has four screws, One at the breech end, one at the butt end, and two holding the main recoil spring in, I was hoping one of you out there had atempted this.
Almost looks like Browning has a special fixture to accomplish assembly and disassembly. But as life goes I could be very wrong.
So what say you fellow members? Have any of you done this? What problems should I be looking for? IE: Main Spring flying across the shop!
My present BT99 Golden Clays has a Gracoil and I like that also, But I can't see letting a perfectly good device go to waste.
So here's hoping someone out there has done this. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Mike Cunningham
Groveland, CA
20 miles from North Yosemite N.P. Gate.
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I have a BT99 Plus. The second recoil absorber did not last long, a few years as I remember. The gun was only 3-4 months old when it failled first. Had to wait about 4 months for a replacement - they were noted for problems. If you have been using your BT99 Plus for years without a problem, feel lucky. I had my unit replaced bt Timney or Carey Comb, I don't remember which. This has been a dozen or so years ago. The replacement unit connects to the adjustable comb so that the comb moves with th butt pad. This is a great arrangement and has operated without fault since the modification. I recommend a modification and throw the Browning unit away.

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