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Browning Citori 32" fixed choke trap, release

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I really like these older Citori traps that had fixed Chokes and the lighter thinner barrels. I bought this gun last year at the Grand in Lynn Creek from Guns Unlimited. It has very nice Phillips release triggers. I don't shoot release triggers yet but liked the gun, and the price, so well I just figured I would convert it back to pull triggers and shoot it. Later in the shoot I won the Championship Veteran doubles with the gun I had been shooting for 3 years. Decided I will never shoot better doubles with another gun. So, I would like to re-home this very nice Citori that I have never fired.

Here's the details on the gun:
32" rounded bottom receiver (unlike the very early guns that had the square bottom receiver)
Fixed chokes. Bottom .730 bore with .021 choke Top .730 bore with .037 choke. Chokes would be good for all events including 27 yard handicap.
Phillips release triggers. Don't know the set and release but with the limited experience I have with releases they seem very nice.
Adjustable comb with soft comb by Larkin.
14 1/2" LOP to near new Kick-eez pad.
Locks up very tight with lever to the right and face of receiver very nice and crisp. No galling on front bosses.
Metal condition 95%+
Seitz style porting. Professionally done.
Wood in good condition with a few nicks. No cracks.
As mentioned above gun is still tight and locks up like a vault.

Now the even better news. Price is $1450 delivered to your FFL in CONUS. No California sales. Musical instrument String instrument String instrument Wood Plucked string instruments
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The comb is 4 way adjustable. The barrels are bright and shiny. Choke section is also nice and shinny with no reamer marks. Can't say for sure if they have been altered.
Thanks for your interest
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