I bought this 32" BT-99 a couple years back as a guest gun. I've pretty much stopped shooting trap since I bought it, so it has just been sitting in my humidity-controlled gun safe. I did shoot one round of trap through it when I first bought it just to test fire it. That's the only time it has been fired or out of my safe.

I cannot find a single spot on it nor any other signs of usage, just some lint on the stock from the heavy-duty gun sock I've had it stored in. I "do not" have the original box, but it will be packaged very carefully for shipment to your FFL. It will come with one IMP MOD choke and a choke wrench.

Asking $975 shipped or $900 for local pickup with the buyer paying any transfer fees. Please make sure your dealer accepts transfers from an individual, as I am not an FFL. Photo ID and receipt will be provided so your dealer can properly perform the transfer.