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The following info is taken from a 1966 Browning catalog and may not apply to all years. ....It may or may not be of interest to you.

The Browning Superposed TRAP models consisted of the Broadway (5/8" rib) and Lightning (5/16" rib).

The Broadway Trap was available in 12 ga with 30" or 32" barrels. ....The Lightning Trap was 12 ga with 30" barrels. ...Both models listed as 7 lbs 12 oz for 30" barrels. ....Non-standard barrels were available on special order with additional charge.

The Broadway and Lightning were available as Grade 1, Pigeon, Diana, or Midas grades. ....Engraving complexity & wood grain improved as the grades increased. ....Midas grade had gold inlays in the engravings. ....Grade 1 was the base model and appears to be what is shown in your pics.

In 1966, the Broadway Trap listed as: Grade 1 - $430.00 Pigeon grade - $605.00 Diana grade - $805.00 Midas grade - $1,1240.00 .....Lightning Trap grades listed for $20 less than Broadway grades.

The serial number of your Broadway will indicate the year of manufacture.
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