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Briley Tube Blew Up In My Barrel

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I had an interesting thing happen to me this weekend while competing in a skeet tournament. I was in the 4th and final round of the .410 gauge, had just finished station one, broke all four naturally, and went on to station two with my squad. When it was my turn to shoot I stepped onto the pad, and proceeded to call for the first high bird. I fired and it sounded like a very weak shell. The wad and shot appeared to have exited the barrel, I verified the barrel was clear, put in another shell, and was in the process of mounting my gun when one of the guys on my squad noticed my bottom tube was sticking out the end of my barrel by about 3/4". We stopped shooting and I went to my truck and tried to tap the tube back wouldn't budge. So, I finished the round with my backup gun.

I didn't work on the gun until today, and I finally got the tube out with some pretty good hammering on my part. Below are pictures of what I found. When the pieces did finally come out, there was also a lot of packed lead and pieces of the tube around the first tube fitting ring. I called Briley about this, explained what happened, and the guy told me this sounded like something was lodged in the barrel when I fired and this caused the tube to split, and it probably wouldn't be covered by their warranty. I explained to the guy I just finished breaking all four birds on station one so there couldn't have been anything in the barrel. I also told him the tube was cracked most of the way around where the split started. He told me to send in my barrels and both tubes and they would decide if I would have to pay for it to be replaced or not. This really irritated me to no end! I've shot guns with both Briley and Kolar tubes for 27 years and haven't had any problems until now. I thought Briley was supposed to offer excellent coverage and service on their products but if this is the way they operate, then I will be giving Kolar all of my future business, and I will be encouraging everyone else to do the same.

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I'm not that upset, just irritated the guy would even initially suggest that I was negligent, and that it probably wouldn't be covered. A good customer relations person would have said something like "send everything in and we'll take a look at it, and it it was a defect in our product then we will replace it." ....or something along those lines.
True story. Couple years ago while shooting 410 I broke all 4 birds at station 6. I have a habit of blowing the smoke out of the barrels and looking down them as I go to the other station(or wait for other shooters to complete the station). I noticed I could NOT see down the bottom tubes. Keep in mind I had just broken all the targets at 6. No bloopers or funny sound shells. The wad was in the barrel. My squad watched me remove the wad with a knocker. The wad was perfect and not stuck at all. Why it stayed in the barrel I do not know. No dog in this fight but its a fact that very event DID happen.
Zingers sometime go unnoticed. It happens more often with the .410 than the other guns. I'd worry less about the tube, what kind of gun was it in? Was it a fitted tube, or a Companion, or Draw-lock?
It was in a K-80 Bavaria, and it was a fitted tube.
I have seen the same thing happen- part of a wad or a second wad or basewad remain in the barrel

I told a gun to check his barrel on a trap squad like that- he wanted to argue but did it anyway- guess what? a wad

The fact that you had what sounded like a dud load but you broke the barrel could have been an indicator of that

Regards from Iowa

Depending on the nature and severity of the additional damage, to both the K-80 Barrel and the tube, it should be easy to determine what did happen. Any reputable industrial testing lab can do the job. The days of guessing what happened have been gone for quite a while.

I'm going to bet that Briley takes care of it for you...they have always bent over backward when it comes to customer service! Paul in Virginia
Nice job! Next time pull the wad out before firing again! Briley will not replace tubes that were obviously fired on an obstruction, you did not check the barrel or this would never happened, your lucky you didn't hurt any other shooters. You are a danger to others around you! Everybody knows to check the barrel after a blooper, which is what you had. I'm glad I don't shoot skeet especially around you and your friends.
Damn Al, that's pretty harsh. How do you really feel?
Yikes that's a nasty break. I'm going to go with ".410 zinger obstruction" on this one.
RE: Zingers sometime go unnoticed

Could be....

Had to tap out part of the hull a couple of times through the years in the 28 gauge. Had to use a cleaning rod with the tip removed. Seen more then a few in the .410, but none that stayed in the barrel.

Be interesting to see if anyone checked the hulls.
"I fired and it sounded like a very weak shell. The wad and shot appeared to have exited the barrel, I verified the barrel was clear, put in another shell"

Hey Al391 you may wanna read it again. He said after the bad sounding shell he checked for an obstruction. I would say the bad sounding "shell" was actually the sound of the tube breaking and coming apart.
I think you need to be more fair to Briley and let them actually examine it and make their assessment as to why it failed. No disrespect, but the people who call and report problems can't be promised much until the item arrives to be verified. Any reliable company wants to see any failed products they produce to improve them if they are defective. I would be shocked if, after examination, they wouldn't give you a new replacement for free. If you can, I would send both tubes to them to compare and check out. They were more than likely made from the same batch.

As far as Kolar goes, I think they are top notch in quality and service and I used to work for Don Mainland.
Worst case scenario, a new aluminum should only cost you about 100 bucks (at least thats what they run @ kolar).
Something's not right here. Who in their right mind would beat on a Bavaria barrel? I don't know any K-80 shooter that takes a "back up" gun with him. Not passing my sniff test.

Now you do. I take a spare to every shoot I go to. Why travel for hours and get there to have a spring break or even a ejector? Having a spare in the vault at home doesn't do a lot of good.
If you say so. Would you wail on a Bavaria barrel too?
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