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BRAND NEW! Product made from SHOT BAGS! F/S

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I finally made my new product! It's a 1 box carrier, with loops to string on your belt. It's made from your choice of shot bag. The carrier has an elastic side for 2 extra shells. Price is $12, shipped to you.
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Here are some examples.....I can make them in 20 ga and 12 ga. I'll still be making my other products.....Look below for examples!
Curtains and reloader covers
Curtains are approx $60 and reloader covers are $45
4 box carriers $15, including shipping
Approx 19x19" hull bag with Draw string and cord stop $25. All my prices include shipping!
The Remington STS bags are almost GONE :((((( I'm still looking for lots of them!!!! Maybe we can work a barter/trade????
UP for the many that asked if I can make my products in any bag. As long as the bag has printable material, I should be able to. Email me with your bag brand and I'll get back to you if it can be done. And YES....If you have a bag I don't have, I'll make it into a product! ~~ ;)
I can certainly make a shot bag quilt. Email me and I'll give you a price, depending on what you have for shot bags. Price will vary on what you want me to line the quilt with, what you want for a border and what you want the reverse color/fabric to be. REMEMBER one thing ~~~ Shot bags have had lead in them. We can have limited exposure to lead. (I'm exposed to lead all year long and have my blood tested for lead every year with my annual exam.) I doubt I'd want to sleep in your bed with a quilt made from shot bags!! ;) A "quilt" could be used as a truck bed pad or cover or as a cover for a decorative chair, couch, etc.
Hopefully, you all checked your PM's!

Guess what??? Rickyd won one of my bags at the Montana State Singles!!!! YAY!~
I can do that! Do you have a pattern you want me to work from or do you want me to make one up? If you have an old, worn out one that you can send me....the one you just love.... I'll make a pattern and make you one with shot bags!

A black Diamond and West Coast Premium 4 box carrier.
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UP for Glen....As you can see Glen, the Mec and Spolar cover are different. Because the spolar is so much wider in the middle, I make it like a pillow case, open at both ends. I then sew in a drawstring at the top to give extra space. I've sold a few Spolar covers and no one has said they don't fit. If that's not true, I wish they'd email me. Unfortunatly, I don't own a Spolar, so I don't know the exact measurements. Why don't you put a pillow case over your spolar and let me know if you think you need extra room for your attachments and give me some measurements and I'll work with them....Thanks!
UP for the month......I won't be sewing much until the fall, but if you want something just email me and I might have it already made up!
JimL and Don W check your email!
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