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BOX ONLY! Have I been throwing away a fortune?

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And, it has 5 bids!
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A gag for sale display I set up at one of my last shoots. Got a lot of laughs.

Once Fired Primers For Sale

$50 per 100, that’s half the price of new ones, what a deal!! Pretested and guaranteed that they did work.

Also Primer boxes for sale…$5 each..

Ask me about my once fired wads!!!!! Each bag comes with assorted gauges. That saves you money because you get to sort them out! Don’t pass these up!!

For more info :

Mike xxxxx


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This is an eBay tactic that's been around forever - some special toy at christmas? Any other hard to find and hard to get item? Lots of people reselling the toy and then selling the box separate on ebay.
Because people will not actually read the listing and put bids in.

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If only we knew what would become "collectable."

Things intended to be discarded but somehow escaped the trash can become pretty valuable. I saw an empty box that once held 100 primed, empty Winchester shells sell for $17,000. Only one other was known to exist.

If I had vision, I would have bought that '70 Plymouth Cuda that sold locally as just another used car in 1975. But I was newlywed and didn't have the $2600 to spare.

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I have sold every one of my CCI .22 LR 100 round EMPTY plastic cases on eBay for an average of $2.60 a piece.
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