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What a year it has been. Civil unrest, a pandemic and another man made object motoring around the red planet. Canceled shoots and ammo shortages. What's next, locust? Oh yeah, that happens this summer. And the entire time, Tron is threatening litigation. I repeat, what a year it has been.

A little over a year ago I decided to take a journey. Not the traveling kind, this damn virus took that road away. My journey would have to be of a different nature. I decided I wanted to try shooting a different gun. Now mind you, I have owned and shot just about every gun out there, with one exception. I always stayed away from Perazzi's.

I am a Ljutic guy, born and bred. My mentor was an older guy who kind of adopted me down at the local trap club. His name was Norm Fitch. Norm was well known for shooting the Grand American for sixty-eight consecutive years. He was a friend of Al and Nadine Ljutic and used to bring them home grown tomato's every year at the grand. To Norm, there was only one trap gun, and that was a Ljutic.

Glasses Smile Watch Sleeve Gesture

My first trap gun was a Ljutic Mono Gun. It was serial number 23. I found it in a pawn shop. I paid $500.00 for it. It is now in forum member Kim Z's collection. The day I walked into the club with that gun, old Norm walked over to me, picked up the gun and said “This will do nicely.”

Number 23 was just the beginning. I bought nine different Ljutic's over the next several years. I settled on a One Touch and had Mike at Ljutic build me a stainless barrel to my specifications. At the club they call it the money gun. I am married to that gun. I will never sell it no matter how many times forum member Jskolar1 try's to pry it from my hands.

Call it the seven year itch. My shooting was becoming routine. Sure I was winning money with the gun shooting the games. The One Touch was a protection assassin and shoot offs from long distance were its favorite playground. But I was feeling that itch. I wanted to scratch it.

It really was Bo Snider's fault. Over the past several years I watched him go thru guns the way Senior Smoke went thru toilets. Every month with the arrival of Trap & Field, Snider showed up with a new gun. And these were not run of the mill guns, they were always high end. He used to buy a new high performance Ford Mustang every twelve months. Then one day he shows up at the club with a Taurus SHO. He still has that car, and now he buys trap guns instead of Mustangs. He has a sickness. I didn't wear a mask. I succumbed and became infected.

It started with forum member Jimmy Bowen. He had a TM1 built up with a high rib for sale that he was using to shoot games. It had nice wood. And it also came with a release trigger. The price was right. I bought it. A few weeks later a piece of the stock falls off while I am shooting it. It had been repaired and the repair failed. Jimmy didn't know about it. He was appalled at what happened and wanted to make every thing right. He is a stand up guy as all of us know here on the forum. We shared the cost of a replacement stock. I threw a PFS on the gun and shot it well. But without any antibiotics, the infection spread.

The next gun was a TMX that I bought from forum member Jskolar1. I believe he may be the illegitimate love child of Bo Snider. He certainly goes through guns at a rate that makes Snider look like an amateur. I didn't waste time with the wood stock, I slapped one of my Precision Fit's on it and went off to the races. The gun was fast! The gun was light. I think it might have been a monster without the PFS. I really liked the rib height and the site picture it gave me. I started running twenty-fives with it on a regular basis and put up a ninety-nine at Milford Gun Club. The results from the proof of concept were in. The concept was valid. I would start the search for a high end P gun.

I was at the Cardinal for the Cardinal Classic this past summer. Snider was with me as usual, he always tags along. There were four of us on this trip. We were working our way down vendor row and I was waving at the shooters yelling "Bombay, Bombay" and stopped in at Dawsons. While the three of us were inspecting the inventory, Snider slips out and heads off on his own. He has a habit of doing that. We finally caught up with him at the Pacific Sporting Arms store. He had a Perazzi MX2005 in his hands. It was my dream gun. I thought he was going to hand it to me and say “Look what I found for you.” Instead, he wouldn't let me even hold it. Then, the little SOB bought it. As I was the driver on this trip I seriously considered leaving his ass there and letting him find his own way home. But he is a friend and I even did all the negotiating with John from Pacific and saved Bo $1,385.00 off the price of the gun. But I told him I would not forget what happened and that I would punish him down line when he wanted to sell me that gun.

Last week was bad for me as most of you know, the fire and all. But as they say, every cloud has a silver lining. One day after the fire, a MX15L falls into my lap. It was out of the blue. Local guy I know had quit shooting and wanted to sell his Perazzi. I dialed his number. Five minutes later I owned the gun.

I shot it for the first time this past Wednesday. Ran the first twenty, missed two in a row, killed the next three. This was out of the box with no adjustments, the gun was set up for the seller. I brought it home and went to work. I know what measurements I need for DOC, DOH and offset. I will shoot it tomorrow evening down at Eastern Hills.

I do not know if this journey is over.

But as I said in the first line, what a year this has been.

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Great story and great decision, Bombay!

The biggest expense you’ll incur when switching brands is not in the gun and modifications; it’s in the new wardrobe you’ll need with the purchase.... it’s best to have brand-specific closets in your home.


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I put another in the mail this morning to replace the one that was pilfered.

This is, however, the last one I am signing for you and you will have to pay for further copies, no more freebies.

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Is the book available in the Bi-Star Products eStore, or do I need to pick one up in Gladstone, MO personally?
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