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'Bob (Doc) Gowen Open' Calcuttas; sponsored by B&G Discount Store at LACC 8/21

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Simply put, some of the best shooters in SW Mich. entered this premiere discipline event at the LACC perfect target facility. With scores and shoot offs that were amazing!
Winners of the first Bob 'Doc' Gowen Open; 1st place-Pat Onofrio/Fennville Travis 50x50
2nd place-Hutch Hastings/Alan Hastings 49x50
Winning the (random set) sponsors target from 'B&G Discount Stores'; Fenville Travis/Pat Onofrio, Congratulations and superb shooting. Autographs at Fennville this coming Friday by these top shooters. Amazing talented and well disciplined trapshooters.
LACC would like to say "Thank You" to B&G Discount Stores for their sponsorship of these disciplines and to all of the participating trapshooters.

Next up the 'Selfie Calcutta' discipline results, also sponsored by 'B&G Discount Store'
This discipline was shot for the very first time on the prestigious SWM calcutta circuit. Introduced at the LACC perfect target gun club.
Winners of the 25 bird 'Selfie Calcutta'; 1st place winner-Colton Hamilton 24x25 S/O
2nd place winner-Hutch Hastings 23x25 S/O
The talented trapshooters involved in the 'Selfie' S/O gave the gallery quite a show. Unbelievable display of trapshooting discipline capabilities. Especially the extreme yardage to determine a solo winner. Outstanding performances.
Special thanks to Mr. Wonderful (Tom Bouma) for capturing the crowd in performing his auction duties.
I would like to thank all of the accolades given pertaining to the introduction of a new calcutta discipline.

Fenville Travis and Pat Onofrio accepting sponsor award from Calcutta director Neil K.


Pat Onofrio accepting B&G Discount Store's sponsor award from the 'Selfie Calcutta' Way to go Pat!!

Two classy trapshooting ladies (Laurie&Hope) at the calcutta LACC perfect target gun club. Enjoying their time together
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A big thanks to B &G Discount and everyone at LACC that pitched in to make this shoot a success . Your contributions and hard work are greatly appreciated. Fun shoot with good people. Had a great time and look forward to shooting at your club again soon.
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