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Blaser Luxus Super Sport (Sale Pending)

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Blaser F3 Luxus Super Sport
Gun is right handed
Adjustable POI from 50-50 to 70-30
32" Blaser barrel has been done by Eyster. This includes 10 chokes 5 for the bottom barrel and 5 for the top. Nothing patterns as well (1500.00 worth of barrel work)
Isis recoil reduction system
Grade 5 stock with adjustable comb.
Photos show a beavertail forearm. I also have schnabel forearm that matches. Buyer gets the choice of forearm style.
Gun is less than a year old.
This is a real bargain on this gun with the extra work!

Thanks, Joe

First 7800.00 owns the gun.Shipped to your FFL
These are awesome guns. I upgraded to a higher grade Blaser is the only reason I'm offering for sale.

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I would love to buy a over and under barrel for my Blaser,or trade my New style under single for a over and under barrel. 270-526-2694
At this time really not interested in parting the gun out. I'm looking to sale the gun complete.
Why would you sell such a (what sounds like) a perfect SC gun? I have recently started shooting SC (after 42 years of trap) and am interested in your gun. Trade plus cash possible? I have a gorgeous Gureini L.L. Bean 32" sporter - great wood, case hardened metal, beautiful roses engraving, multiple chokes - nice. et me know your thoughts. I am flexible.
Larry Crismond
I will give you a call today.

Like a Trap shooter, get a great gun, do well with it, and want a better one.

Been there, done that. LOL

Blasers make you want a high grade. I am happy with my Luxus (THANK HEAVEN).
Will take reasonable offers
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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