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Blaser F3 28GA barrel LOWERED!

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Excellent shape. No scratches or bluing coming off. You can tell by the bottom of the barrel that it has almost no wear (heavily used barrels have bluing come off near the lug)

The barrel is a flat rib 28GA 28" barrel that has a ProRib attached that can easily be removed.

The ProRib makes it work perfectly with a Super Sport setup. If you have a Competition setup, all you have to do is remove it. For those that don't know, ProRib is the best aftermarket add on rib: Pro Rib Products | Pro Rib for Blaser F3 and they specialize in Blaser. You can see from the pictures that it looks factory and the workmanship is fantastic.

Comes with 2 IC chokes

Asking $2050 for the barrel shipped, including the rib. Price is firm as prices range from $2600 to $2800 used, without the two ribs. If you don't need the rib, you can sell it for at least $150 - I just don't want to deal with splitting it.
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