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The most blatant racism displayed in the past few years was that
straight from the white house with Obama. It started with the
Travon Martin shooting. This was a clear case of self defense
under Florida law, and so no charges were pursued against
George Zimmerman. Obama was not satisfied with that though
and went on TV railing against this "murder of a poor black
child". He ordered the justice department to get involved
and did his best to whip up racial hate among the black population
for this murder of an innocent black child. As all the facts
became known, clearly, Martin was the aggressor and the evidence
for it was clear, and under those circumstances, the resulting
trial easily found Zimmerman not guilty, but if Obama was
not whippipng up racial hate, there never would even be
a trial, and after the trial Obama often referred to this
case as an example of blacks being discriminated against,
when if fact it was a case of a hateful black attacking a
white guy, who defended himself.

Next came Freguson, MO,
where a cop defended himself against an attack by a black
thug, and in this case also the evidence was large and
clear that the black was the aggressor, yet, Obama and team
went on TV railing against this discrimination, whipping
up hate, resulting in riots in Ferguson. In this case
the locals held their ground and refused to charge the
white cop, so Obama had Holder investigate it, and
eventually the report of it was that the cop did nothing
wrong, but in the mean time, Obama used this as much
as possible to whip up support for his "Organization
for Action", which was really nothing more than his
election campaign organization. Next came Baltimore,
where once again the Obama and Justice tried to whip up
as much racial hate as possible against the cops killing
innocent black victims. They succeeded in charging
several of the cops who were immediately acquitted because
there was no case against them.

What you see, here in all this is straight racism from
the top democrats, president, and Justice Dept, tyring
their best to whip up racial hate, and it is all aimed
at exciting racial hate among the black of the country.

The reason for all this, is political to keep attention
on just how bad America is for the black population, and
to sell the point that the democrats have to be elected
in order to fight all this racial discrimination.

What you see, here in all this is straight racism from
the top democrats, president, and Justice Dept, tyring
their best to whip up racial hate, and it is all aimed
at exciting racial hate among the black of the country.

The most important point, political, about all this is
the swing states. This is key to Obama political strategy.
Here is how it works:

Obama never did shut down his election organization in the
swing states after his first election in 2008. In the 6 swing
states he kept his organization open even after his first term.
He worked with them weekly. They had massive get out the vote
volunteers going around getting everyone registered to vote.
They also had telephone banks manned before the election calling
all registered democrats, getting promises to vote, they had an
army of volunteers to drive them to the polls. I know, I live in
Nevada one of the swing states, and I registered as a democrat
just to monitor all this, it was quite a site, and I had black
guys coming around my neighborhood, trying to register my son
to vote. It was all part of the effort. My son is retarded, that
is why he is not registered. Anyway it worked, Obama carried the
swing states.

Obama strategy is to use his organizations of the swing states
that he has kept in tact, and to use their energy and effort
in the next election. The selling point he has with them, is:

(1) See how us democrats have fought for racial equality.
(2) You got to elect democrats, or the police will be
killing you.
(3) They also thought up and funded black lives matter.

So now you see why all this was orchestrated, from the top,
as part of the Obama election strategy.

Now you know why all this phoney effort was made in the
Travon Martin, Ferguson, and Baltimore cases was done.
It is part of the effort to devide the USA as much as
possible by race, to keep the black racism coming on
in the democrat vote. And you see why the steady stream
of democrats calling Trump a racist. Trump has no history
whatever of racism, but right there it is in the democrat
narrative, and they need it there, because it is a major
part of the current strategy.

Now along comes Trump, and suddenly a republican is visiting
these swing states, and making invitation to the black
(1) Come with us, nothing has got better for 50 years.
(2) Lets build jobs for all.
(3) Lets shut down the illegals coming and taking your jobs.
(4) What do you have to lose?

Would it not be funny, if all those black get-out-the-vote
efforts end up with a lot of blacks voting for Trump?
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