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Best place to shoot trap near San Diego

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My company is sending me to San Diego for a few months.
Where's the best place for a visitor to shoot trap?
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Escondido Fish & Game in Escondido. You can shoot Tuesday mornings, Wednesday evenings until 9 and I believe Saturday evenings. I can meet you there on a Tuesday or Wednesday and give you the lay of the land.
There is also Project 2000 (P2K) in El Cajon where they have 2 trap fields and they are open every day. Escondido is a private club, P2K is open to the public.
Escondido is open to the public on the days I mentioned.
I second Escondido Fish and Game. I shoot trap the first 3rd and 4th Saturdays of the month!

Those places are good to shoot, but the BEST place is Redlands. It is about a 2 hour drive norh of town, up the 15 freeway. Go to their website and get directions.
I second that vote for Redlands. The best place in Southern California by far.
All - thanks very much.

I will try all these places starting with Escondido Fish & Game in Escondido. I've never shot Olympic, but I'd love to try.

pigkiller - if you can do it Wed evening, Mar 6. I'm up for it, assuming my gun gets to San Diego with me. What's a good time? I'm assuming the GPS in my rental car can get me there.
In 2009 and 2010 I was working at Camp Pendleton.North of San Diego off I-5 at Oceanside. There was a range out there thay had a couple of fields.

A local fellow that we hired and I became friends with took me out to Lake Wohlford a couple of times. We caught some pretty good stocker rainbows ou there. We also fished Lake Poway.
Isn't there someplace between Alpine and El Cajon, south of I-8?
Gyrine, that is probably Lemon Grove Rod and Gun Club. Bob
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