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I purchased this gun a few years ago when they were closing them out at 2K! Original MSRP was close to 4K. I've put about 1200 rounds through it, but not much in recent years. A very slick 2 shot semi-auto that breaks open like an O/U. It ejects straight down in from of your feet. Great for lefties and righties! Go to UTUBE for video's on the care and feeding of this gun. This is the Sporter version, but I found it suitable for all clays work, incl. trap doubles. The stock is nicely figured and there are NO alterations from factory to this gun. It comes with the Beretta shim kit to alter drop and cast. The 30 inch barrel uses the Optima HP choke tubes and I'm including 3 flush mount tubes and 3 extended tubes. Complete with instruction manual and tools in the factory case. The gun is exc. overall and functions perfectly. These have a very decent trigger. I think you'll be pleased with the value at $1450 shipped and insured in the lower 48 States. I should add that these guns are noted for soft recoil and they run pretty clean. It's a recoil operated gun and other then cleaning the barrel occasionally and some light lube--it just keeps on ticking!
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