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For those fortunate few who own and/or shoot a Beretta SO-4 tournament or field gun. I have a fully populated pair of Beretta factory new - never been fired - sidelocks which are a blank canvas - never been engraved. If you own an SO-4 and have wanted to define your own engraving scene, pick your custom engraver and create a one-of-a-kind gun that will never be duplicated, here's your chance.

This pair came with a gun that was bought years ago by a close friend. The original owner was looking forward to creating a unique engraving pattern, but never made it happen. The locks are marked P. Beretta Gardone V.T. (Val Trompia). They are ready to install and use.




The outside of these blank locks would not have been prepared in any way by the factory because they recognize that the custom engraver would, of course, want to execute his/her own preparatory finish prior to doing the work.

Latest factory quotes for a fully populated set of blank locks for an SO-4 is over $12,000.00. The owner is asking less than half of the factory quote.

Please respond with questions to [email protected]. I am in physical possession of this set and can take as many pictures in whatever additional detail you want. Our research shows that locks for the SO-4 will not interchange with other SO models such as the SO-3 and SO-5.

Serious parties only please. Thanks for looking. Mike Mann
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